2020 Zion Mountain Foundation Scholarship

The Zion Mountain Foundation (ZMF) is currently accepting applications for the 2020 cycle. ZMF was founded to support Christian ministries, carry out medical missionary trips outside the U.S., and provide scholarships to outstanding Christian young leaders.

The foundation seeks out students that are prepared for scholastic challenges and will dedicate their talents and achievements to the world for the glorification of Jesus.


    1. Submit the completed online scholarship application form.
    2. A personal introduction essay. Pick one of two essay topics. The limit is 1~2 pages.1. Please write about how you tackled the challenges brought on by Covid-19.2. Please describe your short-term and long term personal and educational/career goals and what has helped to shape those goals. What specific steps will you take to reach your goals?
    3. Submit proof of enrollment from the school the applicant is currently attending (not applicable to high school students).
    4. Must be an active member of church and have accepted Jesus as a savior.
    5. We will have a scholarship ceremony using ZOOM. Attendance at the scholarship award ceremony is mandatory. If you can’t attend, you are not eligible to receive the scholarship.
    6. Submit all parts of the application by the deadline.
  1. Due Date: December 6, 2020
  2. The announcement of awardees: December 9, 2020.
  3. Award Ceremony using ZOOM: 3PM December 27, 2020

Online Application : Click this link when all the materials are ready to upload!

If you encounter persistent problems while uploading the required documents, please email them to info@zionmtf.org as attachements.