Abigail Kim

2021 Scholarship Awardee

From a young age, I knew I wanted to explore the world. My childhood as a daughter of missionaries spent moving around Asia and the U.S. helped shape my curiosity for the great wonders around the world. My faith and the experiences I carry with me from my childhood throughout college have been invaluable in shaping my global perspective and firm belief that in an increasingly connected world, each community and country has so much to learn from and to share with each other. I am currently pursuing my Master of Public Health at the University of Southern California and am in the process of applying to medical school. My heart races in excitement at the endless possibilities of where this road will take me–leading efforts to improve hygiene and sanitation systems in rural villages, tracing the next epidemic, or serving as a first responder to natural disasters and war crises. Through public health and medicine, I desire to use my experiences and skillset to share Christ’s love with communities around the world. To all who support ZMF, thank you for your generosity and desire to support students through their education. Blessings to you all!