Priscilla Kim

2019 Scholarship Awardee

One year ago, I fulfilled my longtime goal of becoming a high school math teacher at a private school. However, it wasn’t until almost at the end of the year that I received a calling from God to expand my vocation as a ministry. My calling as a Christian educator was realized through the process of God leading me to be a seminary student at Biola’s Talbot School of Theology. In this day and age where the only thing certain is that all is uncertain, I am convicted that God started His good will in my life to bring it to completion. He instilled in me compassion and desire for my high school students and their community to thrive and be transformed through discipleship. Over this past semester during COVID-19 emergency, God showed me heartbreaking situations with my students and their broken families that was especially highlighted during distance learning. While teaching full-time, I hope to be used as a vessel during this unprecedented time to support my students in a biblical way. In order for that, ZMF has bestowed a scholarship for me last year to start my studies as a seminary student for Pastoral Care and Counseling. Thank you for your consideration and support.