Alex Cho

2022 Scholarship Awardee

In 2020 and 2021, I experienced my lowest of lows due to the raging COVID pandemic as well as my mother’s diagnosis of and journey through late-stage ovarian cancer. In these years, I truly felt that my life had been turned upside down and that my pillars of family, purpose, and identity had begun to crumble. I questioned my calling to the profession of dentistry. COVID and familial health crises had been clouding my original desire to be a servant of God’s Kingdom and for His People. But God has always been faithful to me and opened doors. How selfish and unfaithful would it be for me to walk away from the doors I had so desperately prayed for to be opened? I am grateful to say that my mother is healthy and well as she continues her fight against cancer and that I, myself, have found joy amidst the rigors of school. I plan to pursue further education in Orthodontics with an additional specialization in craniofacial deformities as I derive meaning from instilling confidence and wisdom in a younger patient population. Thank you again to the staff, donors, and supporters of the Zion Mountain Foundation for your investment in me and fellow scholarship recipients. I’m wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless!